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Glitches appear in US primaries

The US presidential primary system is a morass for many observers, including American ones. The process appears to be endless, starting about two years after the previous election. Yesterday, the primaries and therefore the election cycle itself officially got underway with the first one (to add to the confusion it is called a caucus because it is not a plebiscite, but rather a statewide jawboning session). Despite some kind of software glitch, we will see a leading candidate emerge for the Democrats and start to see the trends that will unfold as a result.


Enter the short MCIS trade at or below 364.30. Take profit between 363.20 – 362.70. Stop loss between 364.60 – 364.70.

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Copper Down

Enter the short copper position at or below 2.4575. Take profit between 2.5445 – 2.53654. Stop loss between 2.5620 – 2.5725.

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Enter the short cable trade at or below 1.29485. Take profit between 1.29452 – 1.29415. Stop loss between 1.29545 – 1.29626.

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