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Economic activity stalls hard.

The numbers are getting serious. We are still in early innings of this game. However, in order to understand the distribution of the virus, and therefore be able to use the reference point of the 2003 SARS outbreak, we advise swinging with the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention site (ECDCP). There you can do all of the necessary research in about 15 minutes to garner what you need to see the likely course of the current version. First to be hit are the airline stocks, then the lodging stocks and of course the Chinese currency itself.


Enter the long Greenback Yuan position at or above 7.01971. Take profit between 7.02462 – 7.02839. Stop loss between 7.01563 – 7.01263.

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Lufthansa Down

Enter the short Lufthansa trade at or below 13.918. Take profit between 13.807 – 13.684. Stop loss between 13.986 – 14.132.

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Enter the short cable trade at or below 1.31295. Take profit between 1.31203 – 1.31170. Stop loss between 1.31313 – 1.31382.

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