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Our passion for making better trading easier is TradeTime’s investment in You

TradeTime was founded in 2010 by a group of financial and tech professional to create a high grade, fully integrated, personalised investment company that offers transparency and security to nurture long term client relations

What Makes Us Different?

From inception, we understood the importance of trader satisfaction and immediately addressed several shortcomings we encountered in the industry. Timely trade execution and customised accounts that shape themselves around the client’s needs was sorely lacking.

After seven years of research and market experience we can state now with some modesty, that we’ve created an exceptional trading environment that molds itself to your personal circumstances, thereby offering you the best possible trading environment tailored to your needs.

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TradeTime undertakes to constantly identify, assess, monitor and control any risk or questionable activity that could affect the proper functioning of the company.

We continuously evaluate our policies, standards and procedures in order to guarantee our ability to secure our clients’ funds. We maintain strict management discipline and first class compliance controls.

  • Client segregated accounts

  • Privacy and data protection

  • Adherence to strict financial standards

  • TradeTime is legally required to preserve liquid capital to cover all client financial activity. Clients’ funds are fully insured and held in segregated fiduciary bank accounts used only for the purpose of clients’ trading activity. These funds exist off the company’s balance sheet and cannot be used to pay for company expenses in the unlikely case of bankruptcy.

  • TradeTime maintains platform integrity and client confidentiality through the use of the strictest safety protocols. Transactions and trades are protected with 256-bit GeoTrust encryption and the entire system is meticulously firewalled. Transactions are executed by the highest PCI-Certified (currently Level-1 but subject to upgrade upon availability) service providers, and servers are located in SAS-70 certified data centers. TradeTime does not disclose client information unless it is upon the request of the client.

  • TradeTime is required to meet strict financial requirements. These include regular internal auditing and external monthly monitoring by a certified public accountant. The company also maintains an investor compensation fund that is subject to minimal capital requirements and is committed to secured transactions using the latest in digital security measures.